B is for the BREATH

The breath is a simple way to remind yourself that you are here, that you are alive and that you are in the present moment.

Whenever you feel like your mind is scattered and overwhelmed with thoughts you can tune in to the breath and use it as a point of focus. Spending a few moments following the breath can be a useful way to quiet both internal and external noise.

During meditation the goal isn’t always to silence the mind, it varies depending on the practice. With that said, I like to follow the breath to begin and to end my meditations and for moments throughout it. I find it particularly useful when I notice myself moving from being the observer of my experience to getting lost in it, and when that happens I use my breath to guide me back.

The breath is regularly likened to an anchor, it is always with you and serves as a reminder that you can regain control and stability whenever you feel uneasy.

The breath is great because it’s a subtle coping mechanism that can be relied on in most, if not all situations to help you de-stress, reset, and return to a calmer state.

A few moments honing in on the breath can really make a huge difference. Think about the countless number of stressful situations you have experienced; naturally you may have taken a few deep breaths to put yourself at ease. For example, when you’re waiting nervously before a job interview, during a heated discussion, or patiently waiting for test results.

The breath allows you to pause. You may have heard the phrase, “thinking clearly” well that is what tapping into the breath enables you to do, it gives you a moment to think with some clarity and to rationalise your decisions.

The breath is a tool. And when used with intention it can be beneficial in so many ways: to re-focus, relax, to prevent potentially unfavourable outcomes, to help sleep, to de-stress and to check in with yourself.

I know it easy to, but let’s not take the breath for granted. Try to acknowledge that you are alive only because you are breathing.

Lets be alive in every sense of the word.

Use your breath to remain engaged in the present moment and be an active participant in life.

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