ZoD: 15 Days of Daily Deeds

We’ve reached the halfway point of the Daily Deeds Challenge!

I thought being selfless and doing something for someone wouldn’t be so difficult and to be honest I found the first week relatively easy.

But then I found myself having to really think about it. I’ve realised that it’s easier to do a good deed for someone when you are actually in contact with people on a regular basis. Obviously, this is a little hard with the current restrictions we are living in. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible and there is of course ways around this.

Throughout this first half of the challenge some of the daily deeds have been: checking in with friends via text, looking after the environment by picking up rubbish, saying ‘good morning’ to passerby’s, re-assuring someone when they felt overwhelmed, writing a positive review and buying a homeless man a sandwich.

There is no deed too big or too small. It’s the intention behind it that matters.

Like I said, when I first introduced this challenge, a question that has been really useful is:

How can I put a smile on x’s face?

But another question I’ve found myself asking is:

What can I do to make x’s life that bit easier today or more comfortable?

As always it’s never too late to join! The Daily Deeds have been great so far.

I know the challenge has already had a positive impact on those who have taken part and I’m sure it’s had a positive effect on the recipient of the deeds too! 🙂

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