ZoD Challenge 1: Mindful Minutes

I asked if you think you could meditate for 30mins; 54% of you believe that you could whilst 46% didn’t think it was possible. I then wondered if you’d be willing to try and 93% of you said yes!

Well we can put it to the test!

On June 1st I’d love for you to join me in my very first ZoD challenge: Mindful Minutes

The challenge is to meditate a minute longer than the previous day.


Day 1 = 1min 

Day 2 = 2mins

Day 3 = 3mins

Day 4 = 4mins

Day 5 = 5mins and so on.

By day 30 you would’ve mediated for 30mins!

We will begin on the 1st of the month and you simply increase the minute you meditate each day.

If you miss a day that is fine, just continue from the day you left off.

The only requirement is for you to find a place to sit still in silence.

Use a timer on your phone to notify you when the minute(s) is up.

There is no wrong or right way to do this.

You will notice your mind jumping from one thought to the next, you will daydream, get distracted, think “this is a waste of my time,” plan for the future and think about the past.

That is all okay, the aim is simple; just accept it, observe what is happening and do not try and change a thing.

Sit with whatever it is.

This is a ZoD challenge because intentionally sitting in silence is something the majority of us don’t usually dedicate time to do.

Pushing yourself outside of what is comfortable is how you will grow.

The important thing is that you start and try your best to stick at it and be consistent, especially when it gets uncomfortable.

Let me know how you’re getting on, drop me a message, screenshot your minutes, take a pic of where you meditated! It’ll be great if we could all take part in this.

I look forward to you sharing your experiences with me and please try and use the hashtags #zodchallenge #mindfulminutes

6 thoughts on “ZoD Challenge 1: Mindful Minutes

  1. A wonderful way to start learning and practicing meditation Sabrina. I will definitely do the challenge.

    1. Thank you for accepting the challenge Sarah! First week in, I hope you’ve already found some benefits from mindfully meditating? 🙂 x

  2. Sabrina, I have really enjoyed your Mindfulness Challenge! Life is so full of ‘noise’ and this has taught me to dedicate time to eliminate the ‘noise‘ and to allow my mind to be quiet and still. It has amazed me how calming and therapeutic it has been to consciously let my mind have some planned quiet time. I will definitely continue to dedicate time to do more. Thank you! X

    1. Hi Sarah, ah thank you very much for sharing your experience of the challenge! I’m really pleased to hear that you found it beneficial and that you plan to continue mindful meditation 🙂 x

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