ZoD: 15 Days of Daily Gratefuls

We are now halfway through the Daily Gratefuls Challenge!

Thank you to everyone who has been sending me their daily gratefuls, it has been great to engage with you all and read the things that you have felt thankful for.

Although I have been posting individual daily gratefuls on my social media, I thought it would be nice to create a collage of people’s entries. Even though these are specific to the individual I am sure we can all relate, reading the below may encourage us to reflect on our own lives and help us all feel a general sense of gratitude.

Even though we are at the halfway mark, there is still a chance for you to get involved as we have 15 more days of the challenge to complete! So please get in touch with me via my social media or use the contact form and drop me a message!

A little bit of gratitude will do you a world of good! 🙂

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