ZoD Challenge 5: Intention Setting

How do you intend to live today?

63% of you said that you set yourself daily goals and similarly 61% of you said that you set aside specific time solely for you each day.

Life has become pretty busy, and I’ve noticed that I’m reminding myself to relax more often.

I’m someone who likes to utilise every minute of the day, although it’s productive the constant to-do lists, rushing around and eating lunch in 10 minutes can feel a bit overwhelming.

During lockdown I had time and space to reflect, be creative, read more books and listen to different people’s perspectives on podcasts & audiobooks; all of which inspired me to write and think more openly.

Now that I’m back at work; that’s 3 jobs, whilst still training 6 times a week I feel like I have no real quality time for me, hence why I’m having to remind myself (and my mum) to chill.

Intention Setting

Setting intentions is like creating mini goals for yourself. It’s about bringing focus to a specific thing.

You can set an intention at any time and for any duration.

For the purpose of this challenge I would like you to set one intention at the start of your day every day for the month of June.

 The only goal is for you to commit to your intention and uphold it throughout the day.

There are a few things I do on a daily basis which helps me feel a sense of fulfilment; but since returning to work I haven’t dedicated the time I would like to my 5 E’s (among other things). You can read about my Formula for A Fulfilling Day here: https://sabrinabakare.com/the-formula-for-a-fulfilling-day

I’m happiest when I have a certain degree of flexibility, have time to explore different outlooks on life and create something of my own. As I’m big on mental health being the priority I really don’t want work to consume and take away from what brings me joy.

Therefore, I need to re-focus and this is what encouraged me to do this challenge.

Intention setting doesn’t have to be anything fancy. A few examples could be:

  • Read a few pages of that book you’ve been longing to read
  • Get a workout done
  • Spend 10 minutes playing an instrument, learning something new etc.

As with every ZoD Challenge I’d love for you to join me! You can get in touch via my social media or use the contact form here on my website.

Please try and use the hashtags #zoneofdiscomfort #zodchaallenges #zodintentionsetting 🙂

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