Naked Truth Agency

It was a real honour to be a guest speaker for Naked Truth’s International Women’s Day Virtual Event for IWD 2021.

Naked Truth champions social impact by engaging with and amplifying individuals and organisations that see beyond ‘the bottom line’ through PR, talent and production.

The interview was conducted by Claudia Grant, and I felt so at ease, at times I forgot that we were talking live to an audience of over 100 people!

Donna Herdsmen, Andy Woodfield, Kat Henry and Dr Leanne Armitage are all doing amazing things in their own right, and I felt super honoured to be a guest speaker among them and to share my story. And we had the amazing Natural Wright deliver powerful poetry throughout the event.

We touched on a range of topics focusing on: Navigating Careers; Men As Allies; Being Comfortable; Skin; Mental Health; Overcoming Adversity and Youth Empowerment.

The conversations were so insightful and I felt very inspired by them. I hope those who tuned in felt encouraged and inspired and were able gain something of value from our discussions.

Here’s the link for the full event:

I really enjoyed being a panelist and I look forward to collaborating with Naked Truth Agency again in the near future 🙂

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