ZoD: 15 Days of Intention Setting

So what have I learned from the past 15 days of setting an intention?

My intentions have mainly surrounded my feelings.

I have been more deliberate and conscious of how I want to feel and stating this first thing has helped to establish my day.

Sharing my intentions with you, also means that I have made myself accountable.

I’ve noticed that by only spending a few minutes thinking about exactly what I want my emotional experience to be, I am able to action it.

Simply by concentrating on the behaviours that lead me to feel that way, if that makes sense?

A question I’ve started asking myself is:

What do you want today to feel like?

I’ve questioned my usual routine and often I sense there’s not enough hours in the day to do what I want to do, but when I really think about it the choice is mine to make.

So each day I’m just trying to make a promise to myself, whether that is to rush around less often, find pockets of stillness and solitude throughout the day or to spend uninterrupted time doing a thing I enjoy.

Intention setting on a daily basis has already had a positive impact on me and it would be great if you could benefit from it too!

As with all my challenges, the halfway point isn’t too late so please feel free to join in! 🙂

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