Mindful Meditation Tips

A few people have been asking me is there a right way to meditate?

I’d like to emphasise that there is no right or wrong way, there is only the right way for you.

With that said, there are a few tips I can share that I have personally found helpful in creating the right conditions for my own meditative practices.

Meditating around the same time every day

For me this is usually in the morning, as it helps me to set the tone for my day. However, you can meditate at any time that suits you best. For some people meditating just before bed helps them get to sleep. Meditating during the day is also a good way to press pause and reset. It’s totally up to you; you can use meditation in the way that will benefit you the most.

Sit in silence or find a quiet place

Absolute silence isn’t really achievable but the quieter the space the better and less distracted I feel. I enjoy listening to nature so I always have my window open and listening to the wind against the tree’s as well as feeling the cold air on my skin is pretty soothing. Some people like soft ambient sounds in the background like rain drops or even light humming or poetry. Again, this is all down to your personal preference and what works right for you. People also use different sensory stimuli such as salt lamps or aromatic scents too!

Find a comfortable position that requires minimal movement 

I always sit on a chair/stool in an upright position with my bare feet placed on the floor and my hands gently placed on my lap. Sitting upright reinforces the fact that I am here and present in the moment and having my feet on the floor makes me feel grounded. I’ve tried sitting on the floor, laying down and even standing up but those positions just don’t do it for me.

Have no expectations from the practice  

All I’ll say is accept everything as it is, without trying to change a thing. So if you visualise something, fixate on a sound, your mind runs away with thoughts or you feel agitated that is all okay, just let whatever happen, happen. You’re not “supposed” to feel anything in particular during the practice, your only aim is to observe your experience as it unfolds. The effects of meditation compound over time and usually occur outside of the practice itself.

Eyes closed

Closing my eyes helps me to shut off from the external environment and focus in on my internal world. Some people prefer keeping their eyes open and there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t matter just do what’s good for you.

The basic premise is that you do whatever feels most natural and authentic to you. Not only is this the best way to get something of value from your meditation but it’s also how you get the best out of anything you intend to do in life.

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