I Moved to Madrid!

(I wrote this before I left)

It’s exactly two weeks till I leave and yes I’m feeling some anxiety. 

It’s setting in that I’m packing my belongings and moving to a whole new country. 

I felt like it was ages away for such a long time, but August came around in a blink of an eye! 

I could then see my moving date as soon as I open my calendar! 

I’ve been so busy with family gatherings, birthdays, a bridal shower, coffee dates, endless lunches and dinners, two weddings, a concert and leaving celebrations too! 

Seeing my loved ones has made my heart feel so full, feeling highly blessed and honestly so grateful! 

It’s been non stop since our birthday, I’m overwhelmed because I’m processing what’s about to be. 

I often reflect but I hadn’t sat down and actually deep what’s happening for me! 

Track as I’ve mentioned is no longer the priority, I mean it’s for the year but it could even be three! 

All I know I’m doing what makes me happy and right now that’s living outside of what’s comfortable and embracing the fear that I currently feel. 

This is by far my biggest zone of discomfort challenge to date and I’m excited to experience the life I’m about to create.

You see transitions are pretty interesting, I’ve always held on to this athlete identity but now I’m exploring a new part of me.

At the start of every year I commit myself to a mantra, For 2021 it is:

“Endless Opportunity – I will have the life of my dreams” 

Living in Spain will fulfil one of my life goals so here’s to all that it’ll bring! 

I’ll try my best to stay on top of things that mean a lot to me, and that’s remaining connected to my friends and family. 

Adiós for now ♥️

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