ZoD Challenge 3: Letting Go

I’ll let you all on in on a little secret. I didn’t buy a single item of clothing for just over two years! 

It was the minimalists (Ryan Nicodemus & Joshua Fields-Millburn) who really inspired me to mindful of what I own and consequently purchase. 

They encouraged me to ask questions and really think about the things that I buy and consequently hang on to.

And to generally consider the purpose of the things I have in my life. 

The results from my survey revealed that 62% of you tend to hang on to things and just over 72% of you find it hard to let go of those things.

Well this challenge is about letting go of what no longer serves you.

Whether it’s material possessions: clothes, trinkets, antiques, bags, shoes, accessories, paper e.g. old bills, receipts, invoices etc and the endless “just in case” items we all seem to have.

It’s about the mental baggage too! 

The self-doubt, unproductive self-critique, negative thought, mindless thinking, previous toxic relations, dwelling about the past, preparing for the future, fear, expectations you place on yourself as well the expectations placed on you by others, the things you can’t control and many more. 

Basically, anything that is taking up space both mentally and physically which no longer is of value or serves a purpose then let it go. 

We tend to hold on to a lot of stuff, stuff that when we really think about it, we don’t actually need. 

So the challenge is to simply get rid of one thing every day for the month of December. 

I think this challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. It will be the final month of 2020 and a good way to see it out. I know a lot of people cannot wait to see the back of what I can only call a very peculiar year.

Letting go is a ZoD challenge because for the most part it is easier and less hassle to let things pile up and say “I’ll deal with that later” than it is for us to face something head on and deal with it in the here and now. We rather avoid that uncomfortable conversation (with ourself or someone else) and push whatever that thing is to the back of our mind. But subconsciously this is taking up space and can lead to overwhelm and ultimately impact how we operate on a daily basis.

Creating space both physically and mentally gives rise to clarity.

The more clear we are on something, the better able we are to make choices which will positively effect our overall decision making.

Remember clutter free = clarity.

So to re-iterate.

The Letting Go Challenge is to simply let go of one thing each day for the month of December.

A few questions to help, are:

  • Do I actually use this?
  • Does it bring me joy?
  • Is there value in me having this?

Take a picture, write about it, however you decide I’d love for you to get involved and share your letting go’s with me! ☺️ 

All I ask is that you tag me & use the hashtags #zoneofdiscomfort #zodlettinggo 

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