ZoD: 15 Days of Letting Go

We have reached the halfway mark of the Letting Go Challenge!

The first 15 days have been pretty easy for me. The majority of items have been physical things such as: old mobile phones, teddy bears, paper in the form of receipts and invoices as well as old cards which comprised of membership, voucher and student ID cards. There have been a couple of non – physical items that I have let go off which has included: deleting 500 photos from my phone and multi-tasking.

A few of you have got involved and have let go of: clothes, jewelry, boxes, wires and shoes among other things.

Below is a summary of the items we’ve managed to free ourselves from so far.

It has become even more apparent, that I hold on to quite a few things that I really do not need.

The reason why I still have these items is either because I haven’t directly asked myself what the purpose of having them were, I am keeping them in the event of “if” (that is if I could use x in the future) but as I always say the only moment we can guarantee is now, or I am holding on to an item because it has memories attached to it.

Well done to you if you’ve managed to let go and de-clutter you way to some clarity.

And it’s really not too late to join in on the challenge!

If you feel inspired, then please do get in touch via my social media or the contact me form and let me know what you are letting go of 🙂

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